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Additional information - useful web site links for Parents

Preschool Links:

Bizzy Bees Termly Newsletter and additional information click here

What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a guide for parents -

Lists good quality books with age range guides and includes activities that educationalists and parents can do as well as video clips of the story books being read -


Information about early years and childcare –

A guide to parents and carers about the chracteristics of learning - click here 


Useful information and resources about speech and communication development


Talking Tips for children ages 2-3 years & 3-4 years –

Visual & Hearing – free resources –

Specialist resources for SEND children -

Communication - Visual symbols –

Speech and Language Drop-ins for pre-school children –


Support for under 5 [Services for everyone – known as ‘universal services’ -

Institute of Health Visiting – Parent Tips- Toilet training –


Community Children’s Health Partnership – NHS Trust/North Bristol – Thinking About wee and poo now you’ve reached the age of 2, ERIC’s guide to Potty Training & ERIC guide to children’s Bowel Problems - –


The Bromley Children Project – Biggin Hill Children & Family Centre – Monthly timetable available for activities and creches –

After school and holiday fun activities –


Support for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs


(Croydon) -


Information for parents about healthy eating for children, it includes articles, tips and recipes -

Information on early years -

Information on healthy eating/breastfeeding/nutrition/ weaning -

Institute of health visiting (top tips for parents - breastfeeding, nutrition, development) -

Launched by the government in July 2019 – ideas and tips for parents to do with their children newborn to 5 years - information on how to keep teeth healthy - Useful information for Dads  - information about local parks in Bromley including Nature Reserves at Scadbury and High Elms and access to leaflets about nature trails and open spaces in Bromley. - a mobile app that helps you make choices to reduce your impact on the environment - government information on chilcare, free school meals and other benefits that may help families - a service helping support mental health and wellbeing


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